WOD 9/2/16

Mobility Warm Up:


February Programming:



L- sit Practice: 10 min


 Gymnastic Pull by ability:
1) 5xME supine ring rows.
2) Tempo Pull ups 5×3 (start from the top, with your chin over th bar, hold 3 sec then slowly 3 sec go down)
3) Strict Pull ups 5×5-10 (add weight if needed)
4) L-Pull ups/Chin ups 5xME

MetCon: 30-20-10 reps for time of

Wall Balls

A) 20/12lb ball – 16/12 kg russian swing HRPU
B) 20/12lb ball –  20/16 kg russian swingHRPU
C+D) 20/12lb ball – 24/16 kg American swingring push ups