February 2016 Programming

February 2016 Programming

We started a new training cycle in February. It is very important that you know your weights and RMs in: Squats,Cleans,Snatch,Deadlift,Press. But more important that you follow relevant programming for your experience/ability:
A: 0-3 months experience, B:3-8, C: 8-18, D:18+. Don’t mixed them cause one looks more fun or other looks “heavy” for you, train strict to prescription !!!

SUN- Barbell Push ((strict press/push press/jerk)
MON- Squats/Cleans
TUE- Gymnastic Pull
WED- Skwaats!!!
THU- Gymnastic Push
FRI- Deadlifts/Snatch
SAT- Complete Missed lift+Skill work.

Monthly goals:

Double Unders

  1. First DU
  2. 20 DU Unbroken
  3. 20 DU Unbroken in metcon
  4. Triple Unders
  5. 10 Triple Unders unbroken

Front Squat

  1. 20kg with good form
  2. 60/40 kg
  3. Bodyweight
  4. 150% bodyweight


  1. 10 second on KB
  2. 30 second on KB
  3. 30 second on floor
  4. 30 second on rings