WOD 25/11/15

November Programming:





**You can click on any of the hyperlinked movements below to see a video demonstration!**

Strength: Back Squat
A) Back Squat 5×5 weight from Elements.
B) Back Squat 5*5*90%5RM
C&D) Back Squat 5*75%, 2*80%,2*85% 1*90% 1RM

A&B- Hang Power Snatch
C&D – 4 Rounds for quality (Not For Time):
Snatch Balance + 2 OHS
*Add weight each set

MetCon: 10 min AMRAP ladder of:
2 Snatch
2 Burpee
4 Snatch
4 Burpee
6 Snatch
6 Burpee
…and so on

A) 20/15 kg Hang Snatch (ask coach for scaling if needed)+ burpee
B) Hang Snatch 30/20 kg+ Lateral Burpee over the bar
C) Snatch 42.5/30kg + laterall burpee over the bar
D) SQUAT snatch 60/40kg+ facing the bar burpee