November 2015 Programming

We started I new training cycle in November. It’s very important that you know (you should) your weights and RMs in: Squats,Cleans,Snatch,Deadlift,Press. But more important that you follow relevant programming:
A: 0-3 months experience, B:3-8, C: 8-18, D:18+. Don’t mixed them cause one looks more fun or other looks “heavy” for you, train strict to prescription !!!

SUN- Barbell Push ((strict press/push press/jerk)
MON- Squats/Cleans
TUE- Gymnastic Pull
WED- Skwaats!!!
THU- Gymnastic Push
FRI- Deadlifts/Snatch
SAT- Complete Missed lift+Skill work.

Monthly goals:

– Strength: A-achieve first strict pull; B-Increase number of strict pull ups (10 male/5 female); C-Weghted pull ups (at least 2RM 10kg/5kg); D-Legless rope climbs (at least 2/1 unbroken climbs)
– Mobility OHS: A- Overhead mobility awareness, B- 10 reps with acceptable form 20/15kg, C- 5RM at 0.75 BW; D- 5RM BW.