WOD 9/11/15

November Programming:






Strength: Squats/Clean.
A) Back squat 5×5 weight from elemets.
B) Front Squat 5x5x90%5RM
C) Clean Pull + 3 Hang cleans 5×3*70% Hang clean
D) 5 rounds for quality: Clean Pull + Hang Clean Pull + Clean (75%Clean)


A&B Hang clean practice, work with reps of 3, increase weight each set.
C&B: Tempo Fronts squat (5-2-2) 3x3x90% Clean.

MetCon: 7min AMRAP Ladder
2 Pistols
2 Hang Clean
4 Pistols
3 Hang Cleans
6 Pistols
4 Hang Cleans
A) Goblet Squat + KB Swing 24/16kg
B) Pistol + 30/20 kg Clean
C) Pistol + 40/30 kg Clean
D) Weighted Pistol 8/5kg+60/40 kg Clean