WOD 2/11/18




Barbell Snatch Practice 20 min.


20min AMRAP ladder of

1 Snatch
2 Pull ups

2 Snatches
3 Pull Ups

3 Snatches
4 Pull ups


A) Ask coach for specific Instructions
B) 30/20kg- Pull ups by ability.
C) 42.5/30kg- Pull ups
D) 50/35kg- C2B Pull Ups

E) 60/40 – BMU


Strict Press 6*3*70% 3RM (80%5RM)
Front rack lunges 5-5-5-5: +5*80% from last set
*time cap 30min.

KB One Arm Deadlift 3*8-12 (each side)
One arm KB/DB shoulder press 3*10-15 (each arm)
*time cap 20min.

WOD 1/11/18

Happy november everyone!, this month we will be emphasizing the snatch. be prepared to tackle this movement (or some derivitive of it) almost everyday this month. listen to the coaches, read up online and watch some videos on the topic. good luck!



A) Back Squat 5*5 weight from elements.
B) Back Squat 5*5*90% 5RM.
C) Thruster 5x3x90%3RM D+) Thruster 6x3x80-90%1RM

In Teams Of 3 Complete for time.

60 Cal (row)
120 Handstand Pushups
180 DU

P-1 Work
P2+3: Deadlift hold 160kg M+M
120kg M+F
90kg F-F

*Ask coach for scaling options.


Olympic weightlifting:

  1. Clean pull + Hang clean pull + hang clean 6×1+1+2×75% | 2×1+1+1×85%
  2. Clean + jerk (beginners Jerk from racks) 4×1+3×75% | 3×1+2×85% | 2×1+1×90%
  3. Snatch pull 5x3x100%
  4. Back squat 3x3x70% 3x3x80%

WOD 31/10/18

Crossfit W.O.D


Skill: Split Jerk

Pactice skill by coaches prescription, advanced athletes work up to heavy load.


MetCon: For time

100 Wallballs

EMOM  5 Clapping pushup

Strength Accessory W.O.D
Floor Press 5-5-5-5: (+5)*80% from last set
Deadlift 6*3*70% 3RM (85% 5RM), ask coach for technical tips.
(30min cap)
Bent Over rows 3-4*6-12
Band resistance push ups 3-4*8-12

(20min cap)

WOD 30/10/18

Good luck to jake Adrianna and Yoni who are competing today in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament!


Crossfit W.O.D

Strength: Weighted pullup Find 5RM. Ask coach for modifications.

MetCon: 4 RFT

100m Waiter carry 20/10kg

12 pullup

12  T2B

12 KB OHS  24/16

Olympic Weightlifting W.O.D

  1. 20 min to establish 1RM C&J
  2. HPS 6x3x70-80%
  3. C.pull 6x3x100%
  4. Backsquat 5x3x85%

WOD 29/10/18

Crossfit W.O.D


A) Back squat 5x5xEWT

B) BackSquat find 5RM

C) Est 3RM Thruster from Racks

D+) Est 1RM Thruster from Racks


MetCon: Todays Metcon is in memory of Powerlifting sportsman and world record holder Konstantīns Konstantinovs who passed away yesterday.  KK was known for his massive Raw deadlift of 426 with no belt sleeves or straps.

“Double K”

15 min Partner AMRAP 


P-1 100m Farmer carry


4 Deadlift 150/115

6 Burpee

8 sandbag squat 40/25kg


Alternate each time partner returns from run

Strength Accessory W.O.D

Strength/Skill: Clean&Press
(25min time cap)

MetCon:In Front of Running Clock
5 Rounds For quality

7 Power Cleans
5 Push Press
3 Thrusters

* 20min time cap, 1min rest Between rounds.
*Use 50-70% Clean&Press

WOD 28/10/18

Crossfit W.O.D



A) shoulder press 5x5xElements WT

B) shoulder press find 5RM

C+) Pushpress Find 3RM

MetCon: For time 21-15-9

– Rind Dips

– Wallball 20/12

– Plate G2OH 25/15

– Run stairs between each round.

WOD 27/10/18

Crossfit W.O.D

Strength: Complete missed strength (time permitting)

MetCon: Partner WOD

25 min AMRAP

12 Backsquat 120/85kg

12 BMU

24 AKBS 32/24

12 Ring HSPU

100m Sandbag carry


Ask coach for scaling

WOD 26/10/18

Crossfit W.O.D

Skill: Double unders

MetCon: For time

DU 50-40-30-20-10

Pullups 10-15-20-25-30

Strength Accessory W.O.D

Power Snatch

Then perform for technical  quality

In front of running clock (18min cap)
30 reps of power snatch 50-70%2RM
Break in sets of 1-3 reps, rest 30-45 sec between sets.

Endurance W.O.D


With a partner, complete as many rounds as possible in 26 minutes of:

6 deadlifts, 142.5kg/100kg, each

9 bar-facing burpees, synchronized

9 bar muscle-ups, each

16m. partner barbell carry, 142.5kg/100kg

WOD 25/10/18

Crossfit W.O.D


A) Back Squat 5*5*5EW
B) Back Squat 5x5x90%5RM
C+D+e) Front Squat 5x5x90%5RM

MetCon:  For load

30 rds of the following complex:

1 DeadliftL

1 Hand squat clean

1 jerk

1 snatch grip pushpress/snatch balance

1 Overhead squat


Add weight each round

Score is heaviest successful attempt.

Olympic Weightlifting W.O.D

  1. 20 min to establish 1RM snatch
  2. PC 6x2x80% 2x2x85%
  3. Jerk from racks 5x3x75-85%
  4. Backsquat 5x5x80%

WOD 24/10/18

Crossfit W.O.D



A) Shoulder Press 5*5*EW
B,C,D,E) Dips By ability (Bench/Bar/ Ring) 5*5-10 reps


MetCon: 20 min AMRAP

3 HPC 60/40

5 S2OH

20 Situps


Ask coach for MOD

Strength Accessory W.O.

Front Squats 3-3-3-3-3-3
(20min time cap)

Push Press (From racks) 3-3-3-3-3
(time cap 30min)

Perform by ability of MR pull ups
0-5: 15 Pull ups
5-10: 25-50 Pull ups
10-15: 50-75 Pull ups
+15: 75-100 Pull ups

*15min time cap
**Rest as needed between sets.