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WOD 15/9/18

CrossFit WOD   MetCon: For time 21 T2B 21 Thrusters 42.5/30 21 pullups 21 burpees 15 T2B 15 thrusters 15 Pullups 15 burpees 15 T2B 9 thrusters 9 pullups 9 burpees   Ask coach for modificaions

WOD 13/9/18

  CrossFit WOD   Strength: Pullups 5×5 RPE 7/10 (Modify/add weight as needed)   Skill: Double unders   MetCon: 50-40-30-20-10 DU pushups   Olympic Weightlifting WOD Drop snatch 6×3 start at 50% add weight by feel Snatch/hang snatch (Adv/beg) 2x3x75% 2x2x85% 2×1-2×90% 2×1-2×90% 2x1x95-100% Clean pull 8x3x100% Front squat 3x3x80% | 2x2x85% | 1x1x90% | […]

WOD 9/9/18

CrossFit WOD Strength: A) Backsquat 5x5xelements wt B) Backsquat Find 5RM C) Backsquat Find 3RM D) Backsquat find 1RM E) Backsquat Find 1RM   MetCon: 12 ascending ladder 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3… Power Clean 60/45 Burpee V-up

WOD 8/9/18

Today, in light of the upcoming new year, we will host a lecture by Yoni on  goal setting. yoni will go over what are good goals to set, how to plan out the strategy of accomplishing these goals, and the fine points of turning your dream into a goal into a reality. after that we […]

WOD 7/9/18

CrossFit WOD Strength: Ring row (deficit/weighted) – 5×5-8 (RPE 8)   MetCon: For time 15-12-9-6-3 HPC 50/35 Pullup   12 min timecap   Endurance WOD MetCon: For time 40-30-20-10 Double unders Walking lunge Ring pushup AKBS swing 16/12 Strength & Accessory WOD Strength:Power Clean  5*3*85% 1RM OR establish 1RM. Accessory: 1) Ring Rows (deficit by ability) 4*10-15 […]

WOD 31/8/18

CrossFit  W.O.D Strength: Weighted Pushups A) 5x5x80-90% 5RM B) 5x5x80-90% 5RM C) 5x3x80-90% 3RM D) 5x3x80-90% 3RM E) 5x3x80-90% 3RM   MetCon: 5RFT 15 Double unders 10 Toes 2 bar 5 S2OH A) SU-Vups-12/8kg KB B) DU-K2E-30/20kg C) 45/30kg D) UNBROKEN DU – 60/42.5kg   Endurance W.O.D MetCon: “Painstorm XII”  same as Strength accessory (look below) […]

WOD 30/8/18

CrossFit  W.O.D Strength:  A) Deadlift 5x5x Weight from elements class B) Deadlift 5x5x90% 5RM C) Hang Power Clean 6x3x90%3RM D) Squat clean 6x3x80-90% 3RM E) Squat clean 6x3x80-90% 3RM Metcon: 9min AMRAP 5 Deadlifts 7 Burpee Box jumps 9 Wall balls   A-B) KBSx2 C) 80/50 D) 100/70 E) 120/95   Olympic weightlifting  W.O.D   […]

WOD 29/8/18

CrossFit  W.O.D Strength: Chinups by ability 5×3-5 Ring row Box Chinup Chinup Archer Chinup (rings) 1 arm Chinup MetCon: 5RFT Sprint 100m 10 Burpee pull ups * scale up to burpee RMU or BMU by ability. **Ask coach for scaling options   Gymnastics  W.O.D 5*HS hold + 5*15-30sec L-sit 5-10 minutes walking/free kick up practice […]

WOD 28/8/18

CrossFit  W.O.D Strength: Weighted Pushups A) Find 5RM B) Find 5RM C) Find 3RM D) Find 3RM E) Find 3RM   Metcon: 30-20-10 Reps of Dips Toes 2 bar Mods by ability: Bench/Bar/Ring/Strict ring Situp/V-up/K2C/T2B/ST2B Cashout (time permiting) 100 winshield wipers   Olympic weightlifting  W.O.D 3 position clean 3×1+1+1×60% | 3×1+1+1×70% C&J 3×1+3×70% | 3×1+2×80% […]

WOD 27/8/18

CrossFit  W.O.D Strength:  A) Backsquat 5x5x Weight from elements class B) Backsquat Find 5RM C) Front Rack lunge  find 5RM D) Front Rack lunge  find 3RM E) Front Rack lunge  find 3RM   MetCon: 10min AMRAP 5 Hang Cleans to overhead 10 Over the Box Jumps 60/50cm A) 12/8kg kb B) 30/20kg C) 45/30kg D) […]