WOD 26/10/18

Crossfit W.O.D

Skill: Double unders

MetCon: For time

DU 50-40-30-20-10

Pullups 10-15-20-25-30

Strength Accessory W.O.D

Power Snatch

Then perform for technical  quality

In front of running clock (18min cap)
30 reps of power snatch 50-70%2RM
Break in sets of 1-3 reps, rest 30-45 sec between sets.

Endurance W.O.D


With a partner, complete as many rounds as possible in 26 minutes of:

6 deadlifts, 142.5kg/100kg, each

9 bar-facing burpees, synchronized

9 bar muscle-ups, each

16m. partner barbell carry, 142.5kg/100kg