WOD 1/11/18

Happy november everyone!, this month we will be emphasizing the snatch. be prepared to tackle this movement (or some derivitive of it) almost everyday this month. listen to the coaches, read up online and watch some videos on the topic. good luck!



A) Back Squat 5*5 weight from elements.
B) Back Squat 5*5*90% 5RM.
C) Thruster 5x3x90%3RM D+) Thruster 6x3x80-90%1RM

In Teams Of 3 Complete for time.

60 Cal (row)
120 Handstand Pushups
180 DU

P-1 Work
P2+3: Deadlift hold 160kg M+M
120kg M+F
90kg F-F

*Ask coach for scaling options.


Olympic weightlifting:

  1. Clean pull + Hang clean pull + hang clean 6×1+1+2×75% | 2×1+1+1×85%
  2. Clean + jerk (beginners Jerk from racks) 4×1+3×75% | 3×1+2×85% | 2×1+1×90%
  3. Snatch pull 5x3x100%
  4. Back squat 3x3x70% 3x3x80%