WOD 27/8/18

CrossFit  W.O.D


  1. A) Backsquat 5x5x Weight from elements class
  2. B) Backsquat Find 5RM
  3. C) Front Rack lunge  find 5RM
  4. D) Front Rack lunge  find 3RM
  5. E) Front Rack lunge  find 3RM


MetCon: 10min AMRAP
5 Hang Cleans to overhead
10 Over the Box Jumps 60/50cm

A) 12/8kg kb
B) 30/20kg
C) 45/30kg
D) 70/45kg


Gymnastics  W.O.D

5* HS Hold + 5*30sec hollow body

5-10 minutes walking/free kick up practice

Lever – 5*12s / 5*5 Arch Pull ups

3 Rounds:

10 Shoulder taps (each side)

10 V-ups

10 OHL

10 Tuck-ups

30s Chin up hold

Strength & Accessory W.O.D

Hang Power Clean Practice

MetCon: “D.T.” 5RFT
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Press

Rx’d 70/45kg (Scale by technical ability)