WOD 22/2/16

Mobility Warm Up:



February Programming:

Strength: squats/cleans
A) Back Squats 5*5 weight from elements.
B) Front squat WU: 5*65% (5RM) 5*75% 5*85% (short period of resting between warm ups sets) them: 3 attempts to find 5RM…
C) Find 1RM hang clean (WU Suggestion 3*70%, 2*80%, 1*90% Then 3 attempts to find 1RM)
D) Clean, same as C.

MetCon: In ront of running clock
1 min squats
1 min T2B
1 min Box Jumps
2 min Squats
2 min T2B
2 min Box Jumps
3 min squats
3 min T2B
3 min Box Jumps

A) G. squat 16/12kg-Vups-60/50cm step ups.
B) 30/20kg bar-K2E-60/50cm
C) 42.5/30kg bar-T2B-60/50cm
D) 60/40kg-T2B-70/60 cm