WOD 21/2/16

Mobility Warm Up:



February Programming:

Strength Barbell Push:
A) Strict press 5*5 Weight from elements.
B) Strict Press WU: 5*65% (5RM) 5*75% 5*85% (short period of resting between warm ups sets) them: 3 attemps to find 5RM…
C) Push press: WU 5*65% (1RM) 3*75%, 1*85%. Then 3 attempts for new 1RM.
D) Jerk (from racks) Same as C.

MetCon: 20 min AMRAP
5 Bar MU
10 Push Press
15 Over the bar buprees

A) Pull ups/J pull ups-KB 12/8kg-burpee
B) C2B Pull ups-30/20kg bar- Over the bar burpee
C) Rx’d-42.5/30kg bar.
D) Rx’d 60/40kg bar.