WOD 17/8/16

Strength: Deadlift + HS practice

*superset sets of DLwith HS work, ask coach for more instructions.


A) Deadlift 5*5 weight from elements

B) Deadlift establish 5RM

C) Deadlift 6*3*85% 3RM

D) Deadlift establish 10 reps T&G max weight!!!

MetCon: FOR REPS (in front of running clock)

4min AMRAP
4 Power cleans
6 Front Squats
8 Toes 2 Bar
*rest 2 min than repeat!!!

A) KB swing 16/12kg – goblet squat- sit ups
B) 30/20kg – K2E
C) 45/30kg – T2B
D) 70/45kg – T2B