W.O.D. 30.5.18

Crossfit WOD

Skill: HS hold/walk

Metcon: for time

  • 30m HS Walk
  • 30m Bear crawl
  • 30m Crab walk
  • 20m HS Walk
  • 20m Bear crawl
  • 20m Crab walk
  • 10m HS walk
  • 10m Bear crawl
  • 10m Crab walk

HS walk will be modified to 1/3rd wall walks

Strength & Accessory WOD
Bench Press
5*75%; 3*85%; +1*95% 3RM

For time 100 ring rows (deficit by ability)
*every time you stop perform 10 (5+5) One arm FR KB squats (AHAP by ability)


*Handstand Holds – 5xMax Effort

*5-10 minutes walking/obstacle course practice

*Handstand Press – 5*3-5

(Free standing/P.ROM/Wall/Ground)

*Lever work – 5*3-5

(Full/Partial/Tuck/Arch Pull ups)

**Accessory straight arm work / Core by coaches prescription