W.O.D 1/5/2018

Happy May!

this month we will be dedicated to developing our pulluing strength and our Clean technique. expect PLENTY of pullup/Ring muscle up work (appx twice a week). we will also be dedicating time to developing or kip on the rings.

this will all be celebrated at our end of the month throwdown the “CFTA Liftoff”. the liftoff will have 2 events, the first is 3 attempts to find 1RM clean, and he second will be an AMRAP ladder of pullups/RMUs and deadlifts, stay tuned for more info on this during the month!

this month will also see the READY FOR ACTION GAMES (RFA) taking place for the 7th year. your favorite trooper Adriana will be representing us at the event. this is the highest level crossfit competition in israel, and is quite an emmpresive event, i expect to see you all there cheering her on!

also, we will be running a cool challenge this month called the bingo challenge, more information on that will be posted in the FB group.

so lots of great action going on this month, im already excied to see how many first pullups and first muscle up we unlock this month.

today is labour day, so ITS TIME TO GET TO WORK!

coach yoni



Crossfit WOD

Warmup: Scapula/Rotator cuff stability drills

Strength: chinup/RMU progression (by ability)

MetCon:  3 Rounds For Time (10 min time cap)

40 Double Unders

30 Airsquats

20 Pushups

10 KB thrusters 24/16

Olympic weightlifting WOD

  1. Hang Clean 3x3x80% | 3x2x85% | 2x2x90-95%
  2. Pushpress with pause at dip: 7x3x70%
  3. Snatch first pull+ pull:  5×1+3×100%
  4. Pause Backsquat 3x3x75% 3x2x85%