W.O.D 2.5.2018

Crossfit WOD

Warm up: Spine flexion and rotation drills


A)Deadlift 5x5xelements WT

B-E) Deadlift 5x5x90%

MetCon: 20 minute AMRAP

5 burpees

10 lunges

15 situps

Strength & Accessory WOD

Bench Press 3*5*70% 3RM (90%1RM)+2.5/5kg

Deadlift 3*5*70% 3RM (90%1RM)+2.5/5kg


MetCon: In Front of running clock, perform 3 Rounds for reps

30 sec Push Ups (scale up to ring)

30 sec KB Russian Swings (AHAP)

60 sec Push Ups

60 sec Swings

*90 sec rest between rounds.