The 2016 CrossFit Open Begins 25/2/16!

Registration for the CrossFit Open is now LIVE! Register here

What is the Open? Is it for You? Read more here or talk to a coach today!

Did you know that CrossFit Tel Aviv had the most Open participants out of EVERY “box” in the Asia Region in 2013?

Did you know that CrossFit Tel Aviv was the FIRST Israeli CrossFit Affiliate to have a Team qualify to move onto Regionals?

January Family WOD ***Moved to 16/1/16***

***Moved to 16/1/16***

אנחנו חוגגים את פתיחת השנה באימון משפחות מאתגר ומהנה לכל המשפחה וכולם מוזמנים לחגוג איתנו !

לפרטים והרשמה ניתן לשלוח הודעה פרטית או להתקשר : 0523433795 .
(ניתן להירשם עד יום רביעי ה 13.1.16 )

january family wod flyer

TAFL Winter 2016 Season Begins this Weekend!

For more information regarding TAFL Winter 2016, please click below for the Schedule, Rules and Format and the Events!

Good Luck!

Affiliate Cup, Friday 18/12/15

For the third year in a row CrossFit Tel Aviv will be competing in the Affiliate Cup! This is one of the bigger CrossFit competitions in Israel. It is a team based competition. Any Israeli affiliated CrossFit box is eligible to send a team of 6 (3 men and 3 women) to represent their box! There are over 50 “boxes” in Israel, but only 15 have the honor to field a team. You already knew that CrossFit Tel Aviv was one of the “fittest” places to train in Israel, but now it is confirmed! Even more than that, there are even fewer boxes that can say they have been there 3 years in a row!
Let’s show some pride in this accomplishment! Let’s show some pride in our athletes who will represent our community! In true Lion fashion we will stick together and support our team on game day in a PRIDE (a pack of Lions…). Please arrive to the event wearing CrossFit Tel Aviv gear and ready to yell, scream and cheer on our team! Ariel will be the point man for our supporters group, “The Pride” and will help make arrangements as we get closed to game day (where to meet, etc.)

***We are sending our strongest team yet this year! Both Atarim and Dizengoff will be closed on Friday 18/12 so we can come out and show our appreciation for the hard work our team has been putting in.***

Family WOD 5/12/15 16:00 at Dizengoff

family wod


אין הרבה דברים יותר מהנים ומגבשים מאימון בו כל המשפחה מתאמנת יחד !

אז בנינו לכם אימון משפחות מהנה , מלא במשחקים , כושר גופני ושיתוף פעולה.
כל מה שאתם צריכים לעשות זה – להגיע !!

* האימון מיועד למשפחות עם ילדים מגיל 5 ומעלה .
* למעוניינים להשתתף , נא להשאיר הודעה פרטית או לכתוב בתגובות לפוסט .
*מספר המקומות מוגבל .

CrossFit Tel Aviv “Hoodies”

It’s that time of year again! We are taking pre-orders for CrossFit Tel Aviv “Hoodies”. They are available in a variety of colors. The new logo will be on the front of the sweatshirt.

The price per “hoodie” is 150NIS.

We will be placing the order at the end of this week, so please contact the Front Desk to arrange payment and let them know what size and color you would like your CrossFit Tel Aviv “hoodie” to come in!



T-Shirts with NEW Logo have Arrived!

Dri Fit and Mixed Blend T-shirts with the new logo are now in stock! Get yours while they last!

*** Schedule Reminder ***

  • NO TOTALFIT CLASSES THIS WEEK (evenings or mornings)
  • Tuesday, 22/9: Erev Yom Kippur: CrossFit and Open Gym 600-1500
  • Wednesday, 23/9: Yom Kippur: CLOSED