Affiliate Cup, Friday 18/12/15

For the third year in a row CrossFit Tel Aviv will be competing in the Affiliate Cup! This is one of the bigger CrossFit competitions in Israel. It is a team based competition. Any Israeli affiliated CrossFit box is eligible to send a team of 6 (3 men and 3 women) to represent their box! There are over 50 “boxes” in Israel, but only 15 have the honor to field a team. You already knew that CrossFit Tel Aviv was one of the “fittest” places to train in Israel, but now it is confirmed! Even more than that, there are even fewer boxes that can say they have been there 3 years in a row!
Let’s show some pride in this accomplishment! Let’s show some pride in our athletes who will represent our community! In true Lion fashion we will stick together and support our team on game day in a PRIDE (a pack of Lions…). Please arrive to the event wearing CrossFit Tel Aviv gear and ready to yell, scream and cheer on our team! Ariel will be the point man for our supporters group, “The Pride” and will help make arrangements as we get closed to game day (where to meet, etc.)

***We are sending our strongest team yet this year! Both Atarim and Dizengoff will be closed on Friday 18/12 so we can come out and show our appreciation for the hard work our team has been putting in.***