Strength: (By ability)
1) Push ups 4*6-10 reps (if you can do more than 10 unbroken, scale up to next option)
2) Pike push ups 4*6-10
3) Partial Strict HSPU 4*6-10 (Start from 3 blue mats)
4) Strict HSPU 4*6-10 (If you can do more than 10 unbroken HSPU on last set, scale up to deficit or ring HSPU)

Skill: Hang Snatch

MetCon: 21-15-9
Hang Snatches
Toes 2 bar
Ring dips

A) SDLHP 16/12kg-Vups- Dips by ability.
B) 30/20kg-K2E-Dips by ability
C) 42.5/30kg
D) 50/35kg-Strict ring dips