WOD 15/11/18


15/11 Thursday

Strength: Squats+pullups

A) Back Squat 5*5 weight from elements.
B) Back Squat 5*5*90% 5RM.
C+) Front Squat 6x3x90%3RM

perform set of 5 reps weighted pullup between sets of squats for total of 5 sets

MetCon: 21-15-9 reps of
Sumo DL high pulls
Wall Balls

A) Ask coach for specific instructions
B) 24/16kg KB- 9/6kg WB
C) 42.5/30kg-9/6kg WB
D) 60/42.5kg- 9/6kg WB

Olympic weightlifting:

  1. TNG Power snatch EMOM10  4 reps start at 50% of max snatch add weight each minute by feel (use straps)
  • Beginners EMOM snatch balance ask coach for weight
  1. 15 Min to find 1RM cluster
  2. 5 attempts to get max reps UB TNG pushjerk @50%-70 of max jerk
  3. Front rack Lunge 5×3+3×70% of FS1RM