WOD 3/4/16


Strength: Strict Press
A) 5×5 with weight from elements
WU: 5*70% (5rm) 5*80% 5*90%
Then 3 sets of max reps! with 5RM (weight)

Skill: Push press Push jerk

MetCon: For Time
30 S2OH
20 Toes 2 bar
30 Pull ups
20 Buree

A) 12/8kg kb (reps in each hand) – Vups-J.pull ups
B) 30/20 kg barbell- K2E – pull ups
C) 40/30 kg-t2b- c2b pull ups
D) 50/35 kg- t2b-c2b pull ups

Power clean 2-2-2-2-2-2

Bent over row 4*6-8

Chin ups/supine ring row 2*Max reps

Banded good mornings 100 reps