WOD 25/5/17

Strength: Back Squat
A) 5*5*5RM
B+) 3*10*90% 10RM; 1xMax reps*90% 10RM (15+)

3 Rounds for reps of

5min AMRAPs
3 Deadlifts
6 Pull ups
9 Box jumps

* 2 min Rest between rounds.

A) 9 KB Swings AHAP with acceptable form- PU by ability-60/50cm Step ups
B) 60/35kg- Pull ups by ability-60/50cm
C) 82.5/45kg- Pull usp-60/50cm
D) 100/55kg- C2B Pull ups-70/60cm
D+) 140/70kg-C2B Pull ups-70/60cm


Olympic weightlifting:

  1. Snatch complex: Snatch pull+hang snatch+BTN SN Pushpress/balance+OHS 10 sets add weight each set
  2. Hang snatch 4x3x75% 3x2x85%
  3. Clean pull with pause at knee (3 sec) 6x3x90%
  4. Front squat 5x5x70%