WOD 24/8/17


1) Press:

  1. A) Shoulder press 5x5xelements WT

B+) Gymnastic push – 5×5-10* pushup/pike/mat HSPU/ HSPU/DHSPU/RHSPU


2) All levels:Gymnastic pull


Once more than 10 reps can be performed, move up in progression.

In Front Of Running Clock Perform For reps
1min MedBall Cleans 20/12lb
1min Row (cal)
1 min Sit Ups
1min Double Inders
2min Medball Cleans
2min row
2min sit usp
2min DU
3min MedBall Cleans
3min row
3min sit ups
3min DU


Olympic weightlifting WOD 24/8


  1. 20 min to find 3 RM Snatch
  2. Power clean & Power jerk 6×1+4×60-70%
  3. OHS 15 min to find 3RM
  4. Split press 5x5x85% 5RM shoulder press
  5. Hang clean pull 5x5x100%