WOD 19/10/16


Strength: (By ability)
1) Push ups 4*6-10 reps (if you can do more than 10 unbroken, scale up to next option)
2) Pike push ups 4*6-10
3) Partial Strict HSPU 4*6-10 (Start from 3 blue mats)
4) Strict HSPU 4*6-10 (If you can do more than 10 unbroken HSPU on last set, scale up to deficit or ring HSPU)

MetCon: For reps & quality.
5 Rounds of
Max reps unbroken push press 42.5kg
Max reps unbroken pull ups

*rest 2 min between rounds.

**For push press use weight that you can do at least 5 reps in a row. If the RX’d weight is too heavy, scale down – however, scaling up is more than welcome.
Same works for pull ups. Scale down to jumping or scale up to: C2B/BMU/RM.