WOD 18/7/15

Workout of the Day
50 broomstick Shoulder pass through

25 Over head squat WITH 20kg

Laccrosse ball routine:

open gym:

complete missed Strength:
-backsquat (sunday)
-benchpress (monday)
-pullups (tuesday)
-lunges (wednesday)
-chinups (thursday)
-shoulder press (friday)

practice the monthly skills:
-Overhead squats
-ping handstand pushups
-kipping pullups

Recommended Metcon:
test run the “KIP For Cure” WOD:

7 min AMRAP:
7 pullup
3 OHS 40/25


Independent part.
Hip+Overhead mobility.

Establish 1RM Skwaat.
Rest as needed and then establish 10 RM deadlift.

Class 18:00.
Snatch practice 10 min


13.1 OPEN.
17 min AMRAP.
40 Burpee
30 snatches at 35/20kg
30 Burpee
30 snatches at 60/35 kg
20 Burpee
30 snatches at 75/45 kg
10 Burpee
AMRAP Snatches at 95/55 kg

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.