WOD 1/5/16

May Monthly Mobility (video coming shortly…)

  1. OHS with Kettlebell
  2. Sotts Press with Kettlebell
  3. Narrow Squat
  4. Monthly Mobility Challenge: Accumulate 1 min of deep squat OUTSIDE of the gym on Day 1, 2 mins on Day 2, 3 mins on Day 3, etc…

Barbell Push:
A) Strict Press 5*5 weight from elements
B) Strict press 5*60%(1RM) 5*65% +3*70%
C) Push Press 3x3x70% then 2*5+ strict pree*50% (1RM Push press)
D) Jerk same as C

Skill: Coaches Choice

MetCon: 3 Rounds For time
30 DU
20 Walking lunges
10 S2OH

A) SU-12/8kg KB (reps in each arm)
B) 30/20kg
C) 45/30kg
D) 70/45kg