WOD 13/4/17


Strength: Squats
A) Back Squat 5*5*5RM
B) Back Squat 5*5*90%5RM.
C) Front Squat Establish 3RM
D) Power Snatch + Overhead Squat 5*1+2 (Add weight each set)

MetCon: 10min AMRAP
8 Box jumps 60/50cm
10 Toes 2 bar
8 Burpee Broad jumps

A) 16/12kg- box jumps by abilit -T2B by Ability.
B) 24/20kg KB- K2E
C+D 42.5/30kg
D+) 60kg-touch&go unbroken box jumps-Strict toes 2 bar

Olympic Weightlifting:

  1. Drop snatch work up to heavy triple
  2. 3 position snatch top to bottom 8 rounds at 75-85%
  3. Power Snatch (use straps) 6x2x60-70%
  4. Tempo snatch pull 4x4x50% 5sec up 5 sec down
  5. Backsquat 5x3x80%