W.O.D. 25.6.18

CrossFit WOD


  1. Shoulder press 5x5xEW
  2. Find 5RM Bench press

Skill: Handstand practice by coach prescription

MetCon: 8 Min AMRAP (by ability)

  • 5 Ring dips
  • 5 pullups

EMOM stop and perform 3 burpees

Strength & Accessory W.O.D


Floor press
– Sumo deadlift
Establish 5RM (Try up to full failure)

150 wall Balls

Gymnastics W.O.D


*Handstand Holds – 5xMax Effort

– 5-10 minutes walking/obstacle course practice

*Handstand Press – 5*3-5

(Free standing/P.ROM/Wall/Ground)

*Strict Bar Muscle Up work – 5*3-5 (Tempo/Weighted/Negative?FG pullups/FG ring rows)

**AMRAP Accessory/ core by coaches prescription