One of the keystones of CrossFit is the community, which is built around group training. However, we recognize that a community is made up of individuals, and while each of our athletes, as individuals, continue to get stronger and fitter, so does the community as a whole!

That’s why we also offer Personal Training sessions.

Personal Training sessions at CrossFIt Tel Aviv can benefit trainees and athletes of all different skills levels, backgrounds, and sports: Whether you have been competing in your chosen sport for the last 5 years at an elite level, or you’re just discovering the joy of Crossfit and athletics.

With our Expert coaches from a broad array of backgrounds, we offer the unique and exclusive ability to give each athlete exactly what they need, when they need it.

Our expert coaches have experiences at the Elite & World class levels of:  Muay Thai, Crossfit, Olympic lifting, Power sports, Surfing, Endurance sports, and more!

By taking advantage of our Personal Training sessions, your personal needs will be matched with a coach who will help you excel, no matter what your sport, and to what level you want to ascend!

So what can you expect from your Personal Training sessions?

YOUR needs and skills assessed, addressed, and progressed.

Simple & Straight forward.

You want to be the best you can be? Then you need to train to YOUR needs.

So just what can you gain from our Personalized Coaching sessions?


Working in a 1-on-1 setting, just as professional athletes do with their coaches, you have your coach’s undivided attention to help you build a solid base of fitness, and knowledge. This allows you to set up for success, no matter where your fitness goals may be, now, or in the future!

This means:

  • Answers to your questions, with explanations that make sense to YOU
  • Breakdown of your form and skills
  • Teaching difficult movements in an easier to learn format
  • Building confidence and knowledge of the gym and pieces of equipment
  • Increase knowledge of a healthy and active lifestyle


This athlete has been training with CrossFit Tel Aviv for a few months, or has experience in their chosen sport.

However, there may be certain skills or progressions that this athlete still struggles with that are preventing them from reaching that next level.

Personal Training sessions for intermediates usually will focus on reinforcing the fundamentals, refining form, and addressing any areas that may be holding the athlete back, thus allowing this athlete to move the next level.


While most advanced athletes tend to have a sport they truly enjoy and excel at, others may enjoy the challenges that CrossFit presents, and the uncertainties each day, and workout, brings.

Every athlete needs a coach, especially the Advanced athlete. As one begins to master complex movements/moving more weight in the group classes, or climbing the ranks of their chosen sport, the refinement of skill, advancement of technique, and increases in strength & speed, become all the more pivotal to achieve top results.

Personal Training sessions ensure that the advanced athlete is being given the best guidance and coaching available for their sport, and their specific needs, which are forever changing.

If you have not done so already, take a moment to decide what your fitness goals are. If you think that Personal Training could help you reach your fitness goals faster, please call us or speak with the Front Desk in order to schedule your session.