WOD 8/8/15

Open gym:


work on your weaknesses


practice a skill and complete missed strength from past week then perform a metcon


– skills to work on:

Cleans, Double unders, kipping HSPU, Kipping ring dips, handstand walking.


– Strength from past week:

1 Arm chinup on rings or progression


Bench press*

Shoulder press*



* 0-1: 5×5 with elements weight

* 1-6:find 5RM

* 6+: find 1RM
** on the lunge all athletes find new 5RM




Independent part:
Lower back+Shoulder mobility drills.

Overhead tempo squats (5-3-1) 5×3

Class: 18:00
Establish max weight in 15 min of:

MetCon: 10 min AMRAP.
7 Thrusters 60/40 kg (50/25)
12 Toes 2 bar