WOD 8/6/17

Strength: Back Squat
A) 5*5*5RM
B+) Establish 10RM.

MetCon: 15-20-25-20-15 reps of
Front Squats
Double unders

A) G. squat 12/8kg-SU
B) G.Squat 24/16kg-DU By ability
C) 42.5kg/30kg-DU
D) 50/35kg-DU
D+) 60/42.5kg-UNBROKEN DU


Olympic weightlifting WOD 8/6:

  1. TNG Power snatch 3x5x50% 3x5x60% 3x5x70%
  2. Overhead squat ladder (one attempt of Max reps at each weight) 50/35-60/40-70/45-80/50-90/55-100/60
  3. Overhead lunge 6×3+3×50%1RM backsquat
  4. 3xMax rep TNG deadlift x1RM clean