WOD 5/6/16


A) Strict press 5*5 with weight from elements
B) Strict press 5*5*95%  5RM
C) Push press Establish 1RM
D)Weighted ring dips 3RM

Skill: Barbell snatch


For time:



17 power snatch 42 kg

25 single legs rope jumps x 2

64 situps

30 pushups

10 power snatches 42kg

74 DU

36 cross over rope jumps

16 power snatch 42kg


*ask coach for scalling options


In memory of “the greatest” muhammad Ali, an inspirational athlete, champion and model. RIP champ!



– born january 17th 1942 (17 snatch at 42 kg)

– 1st title win against sonny liston 25/2/64

– 30/10/74 date of “rumble in the jungle”

– 3/6/16 date of passing on


pushups, situps and various rope jumping skills are staples of any boxing training regiment.