WOD 4/1/18

Strength: Deadlift
A) Deadlift 5*5*EW
B+C) Deadlift Establish 5RM.
D+E) Establish 5RM T&G Deadlift (Quality reps only!)

MetCon: In Front Of running Clock
4min AMRAP
5 Power Cleans
9 Over The Box jumps (Steps permitted for: A,B)

– 2 minutes rest

3min AMRAP
4 Power Cleans
7 Over the box Jumps

– 90 seconds rest.

2min AMRAP
3 Power Cleans
5 Over The box jumps

-1min Rest.

1min AMRAP
1 Power Clean
3 Over the box jumps.

Rx’d: ¾ BW clean, 60/50 cm Box
*(Scale Down by ability, ½ BW, ⅓ BW, KB SWING AHAP)


Olympic weightlifting:

  1. Snatch 20 min to find 3RM TNG snatch
  2. Hang clean 4x3x75% | 3x3x85%
  3. Jerk from racks 6x3x80%
  4. Good morning 5x5x~3RM snatch
  5. Tempo Backsquat 4(dec)-3(pause)-1(asc) 6x3x 75-85% by feel