WOD 30/8/15


Pre class Mobility




Strength: push 5 sets by personal program

Metcon: Barbell Complex

10 Minutes For Quality

1 Clean

1 Front Squat

1 pushpress

1 Power Jerk/Split Jerk

Add weight each round


Strength: push 5 sets by personal program


Technique: KB Clean & Jerk


Metcon: 1 Arm long cycle:

10 Min AMRAP KB Clean & Jerk


Complete at open gym.
Shoulder+wrist mobility.
Skill work at less 20 min: work on your weakness: kipping/butterfly pull ups/ Rope climbs/ Handstand walk/ Double/Triple unders.
Accessory work:
60 reps any order of quality form laterall raises.
100 reps of triceps ext.

EMOM for 10 min.
100m sprint.