WOD 28/7/15


50 broomstick Shoulder pass through

25 Over head squat WITH 20kg

Laccrosse ball routine:

Atarim / Dizengoff

Strength: Chinups

5 sets of MAX reps

by ability:
1) 1 arm chinup
2) archer chinup
3)archer progression
4) strict chinup
5) strict chinup from box
6) negative chinups
7) strict ring rows

Find resistence you can perform between 3-8 reps


5 MIN Amrap
Bar complex:
1 BMU/pulup
1 Strict TTB
1 K2E

5 airsquats

1 min rest

5min AMRAP 5 burpee pullup
2 Wallwalk

Bar complex must be unbroken in order to count. If you cannot preform one of the movements, add reps on a different movement.

Post your results to the Whiteboard.