WOD 27/4/15

CrossFit Atarim
Strength (20 min):
Weighted pullup
10 min to establish establish 5RM

then 10 min to complete
6×3 at 5RM weight

Partner WOD:
13 Min AMRAP
P1 – run stairs (RXd+ – use sandbag/ vest)

P2 – accumulate as many rouds as possible of
3 strict chinup
10 HPC 60/40 (Scale to KBSwing

CrossFit Dizengoff

Kipping pullup

15 min AMRAP

P1- 30 Wallball
P2 – AMRAP of
3 strict chinup
7 diamond pushup
11 jumping lunge per leg

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.