WOD 20/10/17


Skill/strength: Ring Muscle Ups/complete missed strength (ask coach for instructions)



By ability

10 min E2MOM

1-5 (Ring muscle ups/ False grip strict ring pulls ups/ false grip ring rows)


OR : Beast mode

10min Of Death by unbroken Ring MU

MetCon: 10min AMRAP
2 Ring MU
3 Squat Snatch

A) Ask coach for specific Instructions.
B) MU by ability (scale to FG ring pull ups/ FG ring rows *2)- 20/15kg
C) 42.5/30kg
D) 50/35kg.
E) 60/42.5kg




For time:

60 push-ups

50 dips

40 handstand push-ups

30 Floor presses, 70kg/50kg

20 jerks, 70kg/50kg

10 push presses, 70kg/50kg