WOD 19/4/17

Strength: HSPU/Overhead press
A) Strict Press 5*5*5RM
B) Strict Press establish 5RM (If done perform 5*5*80% de-loading)
C) Strict HSPU 5 sets of max reps.
D) Same As C scale up to  deficit if needed.

MetCon: For time perform
30 Ring Dips
30 KB Swings

A) Push by ability: HSPU/Pike push ups/HRPU/Knee PU-12/8kg KB-Dips by ability
B) HSPU by ability: HSPU/Pike Push ups-20/12kg kb-Bar dips/Bench dips
C) 24/16kg (American swings)
D) 32/24kg (American swings)
D+) Strict HSPU-32/24kg kb American swings-strict ring dips