WOD 18/10/18

Crossfit W.O.D

Skill: Squat clean



A) Deadlift 5x5xE.WT

B) Deadlift Find RM

C-E) Squat clean 6x3x80-90%3RM


MetCon: I go U GO

12 min AMRAP

– 5 Thruster 50/35

– 10 OTB Burpees


Each partner must complete a full round while other partner rests


Olympic Weightlifting W.O.D


  1. OHS 15 min to establish 1RM of the day
  2. HC+Jerk 5×2+1×70% 2×2+1×80%
  3. Cluster establish 1RM
  4. S.pull 6x3x100%