WOD 10/4/17


Strength: Barbell Pull
A) Deadlift 5*5*5RM
B) Deadlift 5*5*90% 5RM
C) Combo Pull (sumo vs. conventional) 6*2+2 ( add weight each set to heavy double)
D) Snatch Pull+ Hang Snatch Pull (use straps !!!) 6*1+4*85% Snatch

ביד חזקה ובזרוע נטויה
n teams of 2 (I go, You go)

100 push press (40/25KG)
80 pull ups
60 ring dips
40 pull ups
20 push ups
50 wall balls

*ask coach for scaling options, be responsible, this is high volume for the arms