What is the CrossFit Open?

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You probably already know by now that CrossFit is not just a highly effective training method, CrossFit is also a SPORT in and of itself.

At the highest level, the Sport of CrossFit is organized much like any other professional sport league: There is an Off-Season, Season and Post-Season (playoffs/championships).

What makes the sport of CrossFit unique from major sport leagues is that theoretically ANYBODY in any given year can compete. There is no minor league or college system a “player” must go through in order to compete in the highest league. There is no “draft” where amateurs are selected by clubs. Almost anyone on Earth at the beginning of the CrossFit season is eligible to compete that year! All you need to do is enter the CrossFit Open! Even YOU, dear reader, can compete THIS year!

The Open is the CrossFit “season”. It is a 5 week long season where participants are asked to compete 1 workout per week, for 5 total work outs. Work outs are to be judged or recorded in order to validate results. Scores are submitted to the CrossFit Games website. At the end of each work out, each athlete can see where their score ranked against other members in their “box”, in their city, in their state, in their country, in their region or even in the WORLD! At the end of 5 weeks, the top athletes will be invited to the next step in the CrossFit season: Regionals, or the “Playoffs”. And from Regionals, the top Athletes move onto the CrossFit Games, The “Championship”. The CrossFit Games then crowns the Fittest Man, The Fittest Woman, The Fittest Masters and The Fittest Teams on Earth!

You might be asking yourself, “Is the Open right for me?” After all, like most CrossFitters around the world you train to be healthy and fit and not necessarily to compete. There are a few ways to approach the Open as an amateur who enjoys CrossFit as a hobby or just as an effective training method and still derive a lot of benefit out of participating in the Open.

Watch the below videos for more information and more motivation. If you are up to the challenge and want to get a little bit more out of your training this “CrossFit Season”, speak to your coach now about how to properly prepare.


Good Luck!

“To prove to yourself that you IMPROVED yourself”


Still think you are not good enough, fast enough, too new, too old, etc. for the Open? These folks below are doing the Open. Are you?