What is the Affiliate Cup?

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As you may already know, CrossFit is not just a training method, it is also a sport. Most CrossFit competitions are Individual events, however over the past few years there has been a growing world wide trend of Team Competitions in the world of competitive CrossFit. This is also true of the Israel CrossFit community.

Currently, there are two major CrossFit events each year in Israel: The Ready For Action Games hosted by CrossFit Herzlyia, in which individual CrossFit athletes compete for the title of “Israel’s Fittest” and the Affiliate Cup hosted by CrossFit Netanya in which official Israeli CrossFit affiliates compete for the title of “Israel’s Fittest Affiliate”.

For the third year in a row, CrossFit Tel Aviv will be fielding a team to compete in the Affiliate Cup. There is only one other “box” in Israel that can make the same claim. This is a testament to the quality of training we have provided since we opened our doors!

So, what can you expect at this year’s Affiliate Cup?


This is what we know so far about the Events awaiting the teams at the 2015 Affiliate Cup:

affilaite cup events

Event #1: “Snatch Assault”

For time:

Athlete 1 (Female ): 30 cal Assault Bike 15 Snatches 35 kg

Athlete 2 (Male): 30 cal Assault Bike 15 Snatches 60 kg

Athlete 3 (Female): 40 cal Assault Bike 10 Snatches 40 kg

Athlete 4 (Male): 40 cal Assault Bike 10 Snatches 70 kg

Athlete 5 (Female): 50 cal Assault Bike 5 snatches 45 kg

Athlete 6 (Male): 50 cal Assault Bike 5 Snatches 80 kg

Time cap: 25 minutes Athlete order: F, M, F, M, F, M

This marks the first time the “Assault” bike will make an appearance in an Israeli CrossFit Competition!

As for the Snatches, any type of Snatch will be allowed (click the links for movement demo):

Event #2:  “Handstand Clean”

All 3 Men
For Reps
In 7 min time cap, complete
12 met x 2 ( 24 met in total ) Handstand Walk for each team member in relay ,
Maximum Squat Cleans 100 kg in remaining time .

Event #3: “Toes and Thrusters”

All 3 Women

10 min AMRAP

40 Toes 2 bar

30 Thrusters 50 kg

Event #4: “Heavy Gymnastics”

Male and Female Pair Within 10 min cap, perform AMRAP:

10 Triple Unders

15 Ring HSPU – men /Ring Push Ups – women 10

Synchronized One Legged Squats with 30 kg Barbell

Event #5: “Higher and Higher”

Pair 2, Male / Female

In 7 min time cap :

Climb the Ladder of reps 2,4,6,8,10,12.. etc.

Clean 60 kg – Female / Shoulder Press 60 kg – Male

Pull Up – Female / Bar Muscle Up – Male

Workout order : F/M


Event #6: “KB Storm”

For Time , all 6 Team Members in relay M/F

21-18-15-12-9-6-6-9-12-15-18-21 reps

KB Snatch M 2×24 kg , F 1×16 kg

40 met Sprint before and after each set

Final Event: “Summer in Winter”

We can only imagine what will be in the final! Last year the “worm” was unveiled as the final event. You’ll have to show up to the Affiliate Cup to find out what the Final Event will be this year!

Best of luck to all of the teams! It is not automatic that every Affiliate gets to compete in the Affiliate Cup. It is only the top teams that have earned this right each year, so much respect is due already to the teams that make it to this great celebration of CrossFit in Israel. These teams and athletes have already accomplished so much, no matter that the final scoreboard says!

And of course, we will be closed on Friday the 18th in order to go an support our team on game Day. For more information regarding our Supporters Group: The Pride check out the Facebook Event that we made specifically for the Affiliate Cup. See you there!

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Pavel, Jake, Alan, Courtney, Dani and Miri!


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