W.O.D 3/4/18

Crossfit W.O.D:

MetCon: “40 years in the desert”

In teams of 2 perform  40min AMRAP

1k  run

10 S2OH 40/30kg
20 Medball situps

40 burpees

Olympic Weightlifting W.O.D:

  1. Snatch establish new 1RM (25 min)
  • Beginners Hang snatch 8x3x70% (ask coach for specific weight)
  1. OHS work up to 3 RM. if you have mobility issues, go light and pause for 3-5 sec at bottom position 10×3
  2. Clean first pull+clean pull 7×1+3×90%
  3. Front squat 3x3x75% 2x2x85% 1x1x90%

Endurance W.O.D:

Same as Crossfit WOD: “40 years in the desert”