W.O.D 1/8/18

we welcome the month of august with some exciting new things going on!

programming: this month we will be back to an organized strength cycle. we will work the 3 foundational movement groups 2 times a week each, this you will press heavy, pull & hip hige twice a week. Athletes in first year of training (A&B programming) will continue to work on classic lifts: backsquat, shoulder press, deadlift. Athletes training for over a year (C,D &E) will have more variety, exercises will incorporate more variety and the exercises themselves will change every week or two. this program will have a maxing out day in the beginning of the week, and a volume (5×5) day towards the end of the week.

Metcons will be constantly varied in the spirit of crossfit, and for the rest of this week we will be focusing on moving your body, so we will emphasize bodyweight & gymnastics exercises in metcons. Gymnastics & body control is the basis for good movement, these next few days are our time to hone those skills!

Arbox: we have transitioned to a new APP called arbox, this is now your way to look at schedule, reserve spots & sign in (do that on your phone when you come in and save the line at the tablet!). a password & username should have been sent to the email we have on file, if it hasnt, please let us know! also, yo MUST reserve a spot for classes, please dont make us send you home, its unfair to put us in that situation. if you dont have an option to sign up (i.e dont have a password yet) shoot us a FB message and we will reserve for you.

gym equipment: as you have probably noticed, there is allot of equipment at the box now, and can get a bit tight, we are in the process of sorting out all of the extra gear, its a working project and should be done and more orderly over the next couple of days, so no need to worry 😉

this months goals are strength, strength and then some more strength. look at the chart we have hanging at the box and figure out what we need to work on.

im personally looking forward to seeing everyones GainZ this month, LETS ROCK IT!

coach Yoni


CrossFit W.O.D

Strength: Chinups by ability 5×3-5


MetCon: Partner WOD

P-1 Side plank

P-2 AMRAP 13 minutes

5 Burpee pullup

7 Clapping pushup

9 Weighted straight leg situps 15/10

**Ask coach for modifications


Gymnastics  W.O.D / Strength accessory W.O.D

No gymnastics or S&A class this week, specialty classes will be back on schedule next week, classes are moved to 20pm at atarim