Why Train Like an Athlete?

“So you want to look like an athlete? Well, then you need to start training like one.”

Really, it is that simple, but somewhere along the line, the fitness industry lost its way. It became easier and cheaper to throw people on safe, yet ineffective machines and hire trainers to “watch after” clients rather than…umm…train them? This is in contrast to training the human body the way it was designed to be trained. Yes, it takes practice and a certain level of knowledge and expertise. But can’t you say that about all worthy endeavors in life?​

I am not going to claim that I know everyone’s reasons for why they go to the gym. My guess is that a huge majority go because they want to look better. For the guys out there, I think most you want to look like an athlete (but you don’t know how to express this in words, so you end up training like a body builder, which I am almost certain that most of you DO NOT want to look like… unless you like rub on tans, massive amounts of body oil and an astonishing lack of body hair).

However, would you like the physiques of the fastest, strongest, most powerful, greatest athletes of all times? Well, start training like them:​

When was the last time you trained your speed, power or agility? ​How high is your vertical jump? How long is your broad jump? Your 100m sprint time?

And for the women out there… you might not think that you want to look like an athlete, but wouldn’t you like to look like this athlete?

allison stokke

Allison Stokke

And if my point still isn’t being made, when it comes down to it, training like an athlete is just good, plain, ol’ healthy FUN.

Come to CrossFit Tel Aviv and train like an athlete!