How to Care for/Prevent Ripped Hands

Ripping your hands is an INJURY that is mostly preventable.

Below are a few resources for strategies to prevent your hands from ripping in the first place.

In case that fails, we have also linked to resources on how to care for hands that have already ripped.

Please mind your hands! It is a shame to miss out on a few days of training due to poor preparation or lack of hand maintenance.

And of course, if you do rip your hands, please spray down and disinfect the pull up bar, rings, barbell, kettlebell, whatever piece of equipment you were using, etc. Thanks!


“Hand Rips- Causes, Treatment and Prevention” – CrossFit Journal

“Hand Care: A Necessity in All CrossFit Boxes” – BoxProMag

“How to Treat Hand Rips” – Tabata Times


Taping Your Hands for Pull Ups


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