More than anything else, CrossFit is a community. It is a world wide community where people from all over the world share a similar passion for fitness and health. On a smaller scale, there is a national CrossFit community in Israel, where quite a few times a year, all of the “boxes” gather for competitions, to raise money for charity, or just to hang out and do a WOD on the beach! And in even a more localized view there is the community within your “home box” which is exemplified in our Group Training sessions.

CrossFit Tel Aviv is special and unique in the sense that the individuals that make up our community are quite diverse. We are born in different parts of the world, speak different mother tongues, some are young, some are old, some of us are competitive athletes, most of us are just trying to have some fun while we train!

All of us in the CrossFit Tel Aviv community are there to help and support you along your fitness journey! It is understood that the Coach is there to guide you, but the power of having your classmates cheer you on, push you a little bit harder, to have the common shared experience of “suffering” together, or just to hang out with before/after class can be encouraging in ways you never expected.

Group Training is a hallmark of CrossFit. Group Training is what makes CrossFit successful. Your “community” is what will keep you coming back for more!