What is this new thing on the schedule “Personalized CrossFit”?

TL;DR – come on Saturday to do some personalized work, on YOUR specific needs.

Full version:

As you all know, our programming is whats called GPP oriented, GPP means general-physical-preparedness, what this means is that this program is designed to give great all around fitness, meaning we work on strength alongside endurance, flexibility and mobility alongside explosiveness, coordination alongside speed. The idea is to give a fairly equal mix of all components of fitness.

However, there is something inherently problematic with general programming, especially when we create a program that is used by hundreds of people, it can never take the different individuals needs into account 100% of the time. A good non-personalized program will typically cater to about 70% of your needs, leaving about 30% that will require personal attention.

There several ways to take care of this.

Obviously personal trainings will cater the program exactly to your needs, but they tend to lack the important social aspect, and for some, motivation will be higher with a group.

Our small group classes allow for some personalization, but this is not enough, what happens if your personal goal is to improve your Handstand technique but the programming emphasis for that month is double unders? Or if you need to give some specific attention to shoulder mobility for snatches and it isn’t covered in class, or maybe you cant follow our 6 day a week program and always miss squat day (a big no-no)?

Thats what Saturdays “individualized CrossFit” is for, basically, the gym is open, with 1 or 2 coaches available to coach you through what you need and/or want to work on, theres is no time limit like a structured class, so you can really get some in depth technique practice, or quickly complete just that one deadlift workout you missed and have a coach keep an eye on your form. For people training 3-5 times a week this is a perfect blend, and also allows variety in the way we train (not just group training but also some more in depth personalized work)

This is not just a good idea, IT IS A MUST for the program, you should really try to make this day a regular for you.

Make sure to come with a list of goals and/or things you want/need to work on, don’t be a noob, know what days you missed, write down for yourselves during the week what you want to use your Saturday training sesh for.