This class is used to work progressions for some of the toughest movements we see in CrossFit – it is all about technique and quality of movements. There are also some non related CrossFit skills we will work on that will help improve your relative strength through range of motion(bodyweight), flexibility, stability and balance. There are a lot of benefits and working gymnastics will improve your CrossFit game as well.

Your progress in this class will be dependent on your ability to follow the progressions and homework given by your coach. The Beginner’s class will have a huge emphasis on developing the fundamentals before eventually progressing to the more difficult gymnastic maneuvers. The classes progress in a logical order, so regular attendance is crucial.


Who is this class for?

– If you want to progress in the sport of CrossFit by gaining more strength, skills and awareness of your body in space
– Develop a stronger core
– Develop full range of motion and stability in your joints in order to help prevent injuries
– Learn to perform gymnastics movements on the bar, rings, on your hands, etc.