Am I Strong Enough?



Thousands of trainees have walked through the doors of CrossFit Tel Aviv. Very rarely have any of them walked in already “strong enough”. For this very reason our Elements course and the first few months of our suggested work outs for our Beginner athletes are focused on developing strength. Strength also happens to be one of the physical attributes that as you improve it, we will also notice other positive adaptations to the other components of “fitness”.

CrossFit Tel Aviv programming develops strength using the tried and true, time tested methods of power lifting, namely the following exercises: Squat, Deadlift and Press.

So how do you know when you are “strong enough”? Since power lifting is a strength sport that is divided into weight classes, so to will you need to calculate your strength relative to your own body weight.

Check out the chart above? How do your numbers compare?

Need help getting stronger? Talk to us about joining our Strength & Accessory WOD class or hire one of our expert coaches for a personal training session or for an individual training program.


The above chart and more information on Strength Standards can be found here